16 Apr 2015 11:39:21

Assay Kits for Signal Transduction and Cytoskeletal Research

Cytoskeleton's Assay Kits are comprehensive kits for assaying different aspects of signal transduction processes and cytoskeletal biochemistry.  These kits help scientists produce publication quality data in a short period of time. These kits come with all the reagents needed for the assay as well as detailed instruction on how to use them.

Actin Assay Kits
Comprehensive kits for assaying different aspects of cytoskeletal biochemistry and signal transduction. These kits usually form the basis of a figure in a publication.

ATPase & GTPase Assay Kits
The largest range of phosphate assays currently available. They allow the researcher to choose an exact fit for their application.

Kinesin Motor Assays
A comprehensive range of assays for motor protein research

Protein Assays
Available in two types they are highly recommended for measuring purified protein and total cell protein.

Signal Transduction Assays
Small G-Protein Assay Kits are available in two types of activation assays, the G-LISA® 96-well format and the traditional Pulldown variety.

Tubulin Assay Kits
Available as Tubulin Polymerisation Assays and the Microtubule Binding Assay.

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