High Purity Tubing

Featuring a range of plasticizer-free products where there is no plasticizer to leach into or contaminate the fluid, yet the tubing remains flexible. The tubing is ideal for handling sensitive fluids such as pharmaceutical or biological solutions
6 Product(s)
  1. Tygon 2375 Tubing (AJK00000)

    Starting at: £53.90

    Chemical Resistant Tubing for Food and Beverage Applications
  2. Tygon 2475 High-Purity Tubing (ACG00000)

    Starting at: £59.90

    Clear, Flexible Plasticizer-Free Tubing
  3. Tygon 2475 IB High-Purity Pressure Tubing (ACX00000)

    Starting at: £213.49

    High-purity pressure tubing with low sorption, flexibility and clarity, available in a single tubing
  4. Versilon 2001 Tubing (AE300000)

    Starting at: £56.60

    Plasticizer-Free Chemical Resistant Pump Tubing
  5. Versilon C-210-A Tubing (AEM00000)

    Starting at: £22.00

    Clear, Multipurpose Fuel & Oil Transfer Tubing
  6. Versitec Silicone Tubing (761000)

    Starting at: £21.33

    Peroxide cured silicone