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NanoprobesNanogold Labelling Reagents, Conjugates, Nanomaterials & Contrast Agents

Nanoprobes was founded in 1990 as a nanoparticle research company manufacturing some of the most sensitive reagents and technology for detecting biological molecules.

Nanoprobes has developed unique gold labeling technology using chemically cross-linked metal clusters and nanoparticles as labels. Unlike conventional immunogold probes, in which colloidal gold particles are electrostatically adsorbed to antibodies and proteins, their gold labels are uncharged molecules which are cross-linked to specific sites on biomolecules. This gives their probes a range and versatility which is not available with colloidal gold. Their labels can be attached to any molecule with a reactive group -- proteins, peptides, oligonucleotides, small molecules and lipids -- for detection and localization.

Nanoprobes has developed new technology to expand the uses of gold labels for sensitive and rapid medical diagnostics. AuroVist™ their new X-ray contrast agent gives the highest contrast of any blood contrast agent. They also offer a range of ancillary reagents for chemical amplification, staining and imaging.


Nanogold® Labelling ReagentsNanogold Labelling Reagents

Get incredible penetration and precision with a choice of reactive groups for 1.4nm Nanogold® or 0.8nm Undecagold. The 1.4 nm Nanogold® particle is a gold compound: it is not just adsorbed to proteins, like colloidal gold, but covalently reacts at specific sites under mild buffer conditions. Available with Gold and Silver labelling enhancers for EM, LM and Blots.


anti-tubulin primary antibody,(L) goat anti-mouse colloidal gold or (R) goat Fab' anti-mouse-NanogoldNanogold® Conjugates

A range of 1.4nm Nanogold® Conjugates are available -

Antibody Nanogold® Conjugates to a range of species withFab', IgG or Streptavidin

FluoroNanogold™ Conjugates give 2in 1 labeling for fluorescence and EM

Lipid Nanogold® Conjugates for study of membranes


AuroVist™ 15nm & 1.9nm X-ray Contrast AgentMicroCT of mouse inferior vena cava

Unparalleled for microCT - Highest contrast, longest half-life. Gold achieves better contrast than iodine for both micro-CT and clinical CT applications.


Gold Nanomaterials

5 nm and 3 nm functionalized gold nanoparticles are available with a range of solubility properties: hydrophilic, hydrophobic, and amphiphilic.

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