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HemoGenixAssays for Stem Cell Research, Cell Therapy & Toxicity Testing

The mission of HemoGenix is to provide its customers with the highest precision assays available so that anyone working in stem cell, basic or veterinary research, stem cell in vitro toxicology or cellular therapy and regenerative medicine can implement sophisticated, but cost-effective, best practice criteria testing, rapidly and efficiently.

Sensitivity, accuracy and full assay readout standardization to unlock the cell's biological, physiological and regulatory responses, are the hallmarks HemoGenix® products.


Stem Cell Assays and Reagents

HemoGenix® supplies non-subjective, cost-effective and time-efficient assays that provide you with the knowledge you need to further your research. Whether you are interested in measuring proliferation or differentiation, they have a wide range of assays to fit your application. More details 


Basic and Veterinary Research Assays and Reagents

HemoGenix® allows you to measure proliferation and differentiation to help you identify the fundamental characteristics of your cells. Choose from a variety of readouts including: Bioluminescence, Fluorescence and Absorbance. More details 


Cellular Therapy and Regenerative Medicine: Assays and Reagents

Whether you are using cell-based therapies or molecular-based technology to specifically modify cells using, for example CRISPR-Cas9 methodology that may also require cell expansion, you will need accurate, sensitive and reliable assay readouts for efficient and safe therapies. HemoGenix® is the only company that can provide these assay readouts. More details 


In Vitro Predictive Toxicity Testing and Drug Development

HemoGenix® specializes in predictive, cell-based in vitro cytotoxicity assays using primary cells from many different tissues and organs. We have developed a number of proprietary assay platforms that are used in our contract services and are available as assay kits for in-house toxicity testing. Our assays have been designed for use at virtually all stages of drug development from early screening to pre-clinical animal testing and monitoring patients during clinical trials. They also provide the capability of of ranking compounds according to species and tissue toxicity. More details 


Cell/Tissue Culture and Microscope Accessory Products

In vitro culture of cells and tissues provides surrogate technology in place of using large numbers of animals in research, drug and cosmetic development, environmental testing and several other applications. Reduction, Refinement and Replacement represents the 3Rs signifying that alternative technology can be used in place of animals. Many cell and tissue culture techniques involve observation, measurement and recording of biological and physiological parameters under specific environmental conditions using a microscope. To this end, Pecon GmbH has designed and developed specialized tissue culture and microscope products that allow in vitro culture to better simulate the in vivo environment. More details 

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