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Encor BiotechnologyAntibodies, ELISAs and Proteins for Neuroscience/Cell Biology

Encore Biotechnology specialise in the manufacture of antibodies to neurofilament proteins such as MAP proteins, GFAP, UCHL1, NSE and many others, all of which are useful not just to scientists interested in those particular proteins but also to those who want to use antibodies as useful cell type, structural, developmental, damage or disease markers.

A newer focus of their company is the development and running of ELISA assays for informative biomarker proteins which are proving to be useful in both research and clinical contexts. A range of pure proteins are also available as biomarkers of different kinds of CNS damage and disease.


Monoclonal and Polyclonal AntibodiesMAP2, mouse monoclonal

Encore Biotechnology offer a wide range of antibodies, featuring mouse monoclonal antibodies to yeast proteins, mammalian cytoskeletal and nuclear proteins and polyclonal antibodies to cytoskeletal proteins made in rabbit and chicken.

Their philosophy is therefore a simple one, they will only sell a reagent if they think that it is good enough to produce high quality results, capable of producing the same results reliably in other laboratories and of producing data which will survive rigorous peer review. So they sell excellent products at reasonable prices.


ELISA pNF-H version 1ELISA Kits

Encore Biotechnology offer two versions of an ELISA kit for the detection of pNF-H in plasma, serum, CSF and tissue extracts and ELISA kit for the detection of UCHL1 in plasma, serum, CSF, urine and tissue extracts.


Pure ProteinsMAP2-P1 Protein

All of the proteins were made using the pET expression system, and were expressed in and purified from E. coli.  All are expressed from cDNAs encoding the full length human protein sequence, but were codon optimized for efficient E. coli, expression. They currently have neurofilament NF-L, MAP2, fibrillarin, vimentin, peripherin, GFAP  and α-internexin, and are producing other similar constructs on a routine basis, including those related to general neuroscience.

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