Ubiquitination Tools

Protein ubiquitination is a regulatory mechanism that controls protein:protein interactions, protein degradation, and spatial localization, which is mediated by chain specific poly-ubiquitination and/or mono-ubiquitination. Signal-Seeker™ ubiquitination tools have the unqiue ability to capture both mono- and poly-ubiquitination for any target protein. 

  • Easily study target protein ubiquitination with our comprehensive Ubiquitination Detection Kit:  No mass Spectrometry necessary
  • Broad spectrum ubiquitination affinity beads enrich both mono- and poly-ubiquitination 
  • Pan ubiquitin antibody detects a broad range of ubiquitinated proteins including K48, K63, and M1 poly-ubiquitin chains
5 Product(s)
  1. Ubiquitin Affinity Beads (UBA01-beads)

    Product Size: 40 rxs
  2. Ubiquitination Control Beads (CUB02-beads)

    Product Size: 40 reactions