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SERVA‘s mission is to bring innovative products to the life science research market. Pursuing the highest standards in product quality, workplace safety and responsibility for the environment we live in. SERVA's commitment is to meet the changing needs of scientists while sustaining consistently high product quality and customer service – SERVA Serving Scientists.


Electrophoresis Reagents/ToolsElectrophoresis Reagents/Tools

SERVA offers a wide range of reagents and equipment for Isoelectric Focusing, SDS and Native PAGE, 2D-Gelelectrophoresis/Proteomics, Blotting and Nucleic Acid Electrophoresis.

Its reagents feature the largest range of precast gels, carrier ampholytes, protein/DNA standards, buffers, stains, media and accessories. The equipment includes electrophoresis tanks, flatbed systems, power supplies, blotters and documentation systems.


Islets isolated with SERVA Animal Free CollagenaseLife Science Reagents and Biochemicals

SERVA offers a comprehensive range of biochemicals and specialist reagents for Life Science Research featuring Albumins, Antibiotics, Buffers, Detergents, Molecular Biology Grade Reagents, Microscopy and Enzymes.

The Enzymes include a line of superb quality and performance Collagenases and Neutral Protease for tissue dissociation. They are also available now in animal free grades which are most suitable for clinical isolation and transplantation of cells.


Bioseparation Resins and Dialysis MembranesReadyLyser – ready-to-use dialysis devices

SERVA offers a wide range of Dowex and SERDOLIT Ion Exchange resins for bioseparation. These resins are processed by SERVA to improve performance. For protein sample preparation reagents for Affinity and Geltration Chromatography are also offered.

A comprehensive range of dialysis membranes and ready-to use dialysis devices are provided for quick and efficient use.

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