Silicone Tubing

Saint-Gobain offers a range of silicon tubing offering both platinum and peroxide cured products with ultra smooth inner surfaces for complete system cleaning and sterilization. These products areoften specified for high-purity applications.
8 Product(s)
  1. Tygon II Tubing (TYGII00)

    Clear, Flexible Tubing for Milking Equipment
  2. Tygon S3 B-44-4X IB Tubing (T1400)

    Starting at: £98.30

    Reinforced Phthalate-Free Flexible Tubing for Food and Beverage Dispensing
  3. Tygon SPT-3350 Tubing (T3300)

    Starting at: £42.54

    Food & Beverage Dispensing Tubing
  4. Tygon SPT-3370 IB Tubing (T1300)

    Starting at: £570.39

    Reinforced, Silicone Tubing for Increased Pressure Resistance
  5. Tygon SPT-60 L Tubing (TYG60L00)

    Flexible Tubing for Automatic Water Sampling Equipment
  6. Versilic Platinum Tubing (764000)

    Starting at: £122.66

    Platinum catalysed silicone
  7. Versilic Silicone Tubing (760000)

    Starting at: £20.80

    For biopharmaceutical applications
  8. Versitec Silicone Tubing (761000)

    Starting at: £21.33

    Peroxide cured silicone