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Saint-GobainHigh Performance Tygon Tubing and Labware

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Tygon® tubing is known around the world – and for good reason.

From beverage dispensing equipment to motorcycle fuel lines, Tygon® tubing delivers peak performance and regulatory compliance across a range of specialized fluid transfer applications. Tygon® flexible tubing solutions are precision-designed to meet customer needs for clarity, durability, chemical and heat resistance and non-leachable and non-porous attributes.

Saint-Gobain’s engineers and service personnel are equipped with a wide range of expertise in applications of tubes for food and beverage dispensing, dairy, cleaning chemical dispensing, aerospace and small engine fuel transfer. 

Tygon® - application specific tubing with superior qualityTubing

Whether your need for flexible tubing involves pharmaceutical, medical, laboratory, food or beverage applications, requires temperature, abrasion, chemical or permeation resistance, or necessitates a pure, sterile or inert environment, there is a Tygon® formulation proven to enhance user performance and increase overall productivity. Continuous innovation has enabled the introduction of new non-DEHP and phthalate-free formulations which eliminate concern about harmful health effects.


Tygon Peristaltic Pump Autoanalyzer TubingTygon Peristaltic Pump Autoanalyzer Tubing

As the supplier to major peristaltic pump and analytical equipment manufacturers for over 60 years, Saint-Gobain has become the world leader in providing innovative tubing solutions for applications in industry and research. The range of physical demands on peristaltic pump/autoanalyzer tubing is too broad for one universal tubing solution, Saint-Gobain offers a range of proven formulations for general laboratory applications, fuel and lubricants, severe chemical/temperature environments and biocompatible, cell and tissue culture applications.


High Performance Labware for ultra-pure and critical laboratory applicationsLabpure FEP Bags

Saint-Gobain offer a range of high performance fluoropolymer plastic, silicone and rubber products for the laboratory. These include fluoropolymer bottles, beakers, flasks, dishes, cylinders, funnels, boiling stones and gas sampling bags. Plus a range of rubber and silicone stoppers and handling devices.

Recently a range of Labpure FEP Bags and fluid transfer assemblies have been introduced which are neutral and non-stimulating to cells providing a safe environment for, expansion, harvesting and storage of cell culture. The bags are also flexible in liquid nitrogen for cryopreservation applications and ideal for the storage of aggressive chemicals.

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