Plasticizer-Free Tubing

Saint-Gobain offers a range of products which will not embrittle or crack prematurely like other tubings that contain plasticizer or extender oils, benefiting the user with less downtime and tubing changes. It also provides tubing with a high flexibility and temperature resistance.
5 Product(s)
  1. Tygon 2475 IB Tubing (ACX00000)

    Starting at: £252.19

    High-purity pressure tubing with low sorption, flexibility and clarity, available in a single tubing
  2. Tygon 2475 Tubing (ACG00000)

    Starting at: £70.90

    Clear, Flexible Plasticizer-Free Tubing
  3. Tygon Chemical Tubing (AD300000)

    Starting at: £158.40

    Long Pump Life Chemical Dispensing Tubing
  4. Versilon 2001 Tubing (AE300000)

    Starting at: £64.30

    Plasticizer-Free Chemical Resistant Pump Tubing
  5. Versilon C-210-A Tubing (AEM00000)

    Starting at: £30.66

    Clear, Multipurpose Fuel & Oil Transfer Tubing