Cytoskeleton's Biochem Kits™ are comprehensive kits for assaying different aspects of cytoskeletal biochemistry and signal transduction. These kits usually form the basis of a figure in a publication, please check the citations tab for examples. The kits come with all the reagents needed for your assay as well as detailed instruction on how to use them, so you will be ready to do your assays as soon as you have the kits!

  • Measure the effects of proteins and drugs on actin polymerization/depolymerization.
  • Discover and characterize actin binding proteins (ABPs).
  • Quantitate G-actin (monomer) vs F-actin (polymer) in cell or tissue lysate.
  • Minimize set-up time from months to days.
5 Product(s)
  1. Actin Binding Protein Spin-Down Assay Kit (BK001)

    Product Size: 30-100 assays
  2. Actin Polymerization Biochem Kit (BK003)

    Product Size: 30-100 assays
  3. F-Actin Visualization Kit (BK005)

    Product Size: 300 assays
  4. G-Actin : F-Actin In Vivo Assay Kit (BK037)

    Product Size: 30-100 assays