Other Reagents

4 Product(s)
  1. Cytotoxicity Control Reagent (Saponin) (CTTX-050)

    Product Size: 50mg
    To be used as a cytotoxic control agent in the CellQuanti-BlueTM and CellQuanti-MTTTM Cell Viability Assay Kits.
  2. Meta-Phosphoric Acid (MPA-2G)

    Product Size: 100 Tests
    meta-Phosphoric Acid is a chemical reagent used for sample deproteination with theGSH/GSSG Assay Kit (cat#: EGTT-100).
  3. Phosphatase Inhibitor (Sodium Orthovanadate) (PHIVA-1mL)

    Product Size: 1ml
    Sodium Orthovanadate is a general inhibitor for protein phosphotyrosyl phosphatases. BioAssay Systems’ vanadate reagent is activated for maximum inhibition. Uses: to preserve protein phosphorylation state in cells and lysates. 
  4. Saccharide Removal Kit (DSRK-500)

    Product Size: 500 Tests
    Removal of interfering saccharides (e.g. glucose, sucrose) from samples such as culture media.