Phosphotyrosine Tools

Tyrosine phosphorylation, a reversible process, is a frequent post-translational modification of proteins and is crucial in mediating signal transduction in eukaryotic cells after exposure to cytokines and growth factors.  Signal-Seeker™ phosphotyrosine products provide a comprehensive system to validate and study novel phosphotyrosine modifications for any target protein. 

  • Easily study target protein tyrosine phosphorylation with the comprehensive Phosphotyrosine Detection Kit:  No mass spectrometry necessary
  • Broad spectrum Phosphotyrosine affinity beads for tyrosine phosphorylation studies by mass spectrometry 
  • Unique Phosphotyrosine antibody detects a broad range of tyrosine phosphorylated proteins 
  • HRP labeled phosphotyrosine antibody saves on time and decreases background when performing western analysis

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