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Leinco TechnologiesMonoclonal Antibodies, Flow Cytometry Reagents and Recombinant Proteins

Leinco Technologies, Inc. specialise in developing and manufacturing monoclonal antibodies for In vitro cellular based experiments, detection and In vivo functional studies using animal models. They have also developed an innovative range of flow cytometry antibodies which can be tagged with a variety of fluorescent dyes and provide an extensive range of the highest quality recombinant proteins, featuring cytokines and growth factors.


Monoclonal Antibodies/Flow Cytometry ReagentsMonoclonal Antibodies/Flow Cytometry Reagents

Leinco Technologieshas developed an extensive technology tool box for the manufacturing of monoclonal antibodies for in vitro cellular base experiments or in vivo functional studies in animal models. To obtain valid data when conducting such experiments, monoclonal antibody preparations that have been manufactured using a validated method resulting in authentic Low Endotoxin Functional Formulation Antibodies. Their proprietary techniques ensure that your monoclonal antibodies are suitable for animal injection or cell based experimentation and are all available in bulk quantities at extremely competitive prices.

Leinco is a premier developer of flow cytometry reagents and offer a wide range of DyLight®, biotin-, FITC-, R-PE-, APC- and PerCP- conjugated monoclonal antibodies designed to immunophenotype cell populations. DyLight® labelled antibodies enables their use for 4-colour flow cytometry.



Recombinant Cytokines and Growth Factors

Leinco recombinant proteins are manufactured to meet highly stringent purity requirements and are extensively tested to assure potent biological activity, often in multiple validated bioassays.

Many of their proteins are expressed using mammalian host cells, allowing them to offer researchers the opportunity to use recombinant growth factors, cytokines and receptors that resemble the native proteins.

They also offer a range of ready to use ELISA Development Kits for cytokines and growth factors where all the necessary components are supplied and designed to work together.

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