Fuel & Oil Tubing

Featuring a range of products for small engines, gasoline powered equipment, outboard marine applications, and fuel lubrication lines in high temperature equipment. The products resist swelling and cracking.
5 Product(s)
  1. Tygon F-4040-A Tubing (T4000)

    Starting at: £29.87

    Flexible Tubing for Small Engines
  2. Tygon LP-1100 Tubing (AY600000)

    Starting at: £38.85

    Thermoplastic Tubing for Gasoline-Powered Equipment
  3. Tygon LP-1500 Tubing (AY700000)

    Starting at: £68.56

    Low Permeation Tubing for Gasoline Powered Handheld Equipment
  4. Versilon F-5500-A Tubing (AGN00000)

    Starting at: £125.55

    Dry Cleaning Fluid Line & Solvent Recovery Tubing
  5. Versilon FEP Tubing (C2002.00X0)

    Starting at: £193.66

    High-Performance, Transparent Fluoropolymer Tubing