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ELISA, Chromogenic Activity & Fluorescent Assay Kits and Reagents

Assaypro LLC have achieved a high level of experience from performing assays for over a 'quarter of a century' with at least 12 years experience in developing their own assays for a wide range of species. They manufacture all their antibodies, assay kits, kit controls and purified plasma proteins themselves at their facilities located in Missouri USA. Their products are manufactured to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 quality standard therefore ensuring a consistently high quality range of products.

Assaypro specialise in ELISA, Chromogenic Activity and Fluorescent kits for cardiovascular, metabolic, cancer and diabetes research. With a portfolio of over 200 kits they feature extensive panel ELISA’s for Albumin, Immunoglobulin, Apolipoprotein, Factor and Complement, plus new, easy, affordable Autoantibody ELISA kits and a range of CE Marked in vitro diagnostic ELISA. The recently introduced range of Fluorescent kits provide rapid quantitative results with multiplex capabilities.

Assaypro also manufacture a range of kit related reagents featuring  proteins, antibodies, reference controls, deficient serum and plasma products, positive/negative controls and fluorescent labels.


ELISA, Chromogenic and Fluorescent Assay Kits for Blood Disorders, Cardiac, Cancer & Diabetes Research                  Assaypro Kit

All Assaypro Assay Kits are manufactured under a ISO 9001 certified management system. Their range of ELISA Kits provide high sensitivity/specificity and include the most complete series of albumin, human factor and complement assay panels. The new Fluorescent assays have multiplex capabilities and achieve data comparable to an ELISA in a fraction of the time. A range of assay reagents, deficient plasma/serum and positive/negative controls are also available.


Antibodies, Fluorescent Labels, Conjugates and  ProteinsAntibodies, Fluorescent Labels, Conjugates and Proteins

Assaypro offer a range of assay related antibodies, fluorescent labels and conjugates which due to an over-labelling technique yield a significantly better signal than competitors. A range of assay related purified / recombinant proteins is also available.

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