Biotinylated Standards

Matreya’s new line of biotinylated sphingolipids are ideal for use in sphingolipid research, taking advantage of the strong and specific interaction of biotin with streptavidin/avidin. These sphingolipid analogs contain a biotin label attached to the amine of the sphingosine moiety via a hexanoic acid linker which maintains the sphingolipid’s natural properties. The biotin label allows for easy attachment of the sphingolipid to streptavidin/avidin proteins.
4 Product(s)
  1. N-Hexanoyl-biotin-D-erythro-sphingosine (2081)

    Product Size: 5 mg
  2. N-Hexanoyl-biotin-galactosylceramide (2203)

    Product Size: 5 mg
    N-C6:0-Biotin-beta-D-galactosylsphingosine; N-C6:0-Biotin-cerebroside
  3. N-Hexanoyl-biotin-glucosylceramide (2085)

    Product Size: 5 mg
    N-C6:0-Biotin-beta-D-glucosylsphingosine; N-C6:0-Biotin-glucosylceramide
  4. N-Hexanoyl-biotin-monosialoganglioside GM1 (2053)

    Product Size: 0.5 mg