Methyl eicosatrienoate (all cis-8,11,14)Methyl eicosatrienoate (all cis-8,11,14)
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Methyl eicosatrienoate (all cis-8,11,14)

Methyl homogamma linolenate; C20:3(all cis-8,11,14) Methyl ester

This high purity omega-6 very long-chain fatty acid methyl ester is ideal as a standard and for biological studies. Dihomogamma- linolenic acid (DGLA) is an essential omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acid that is strongly linked to anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer activities. DGLA is derived from gamma-linolenic acid (C18:3) and can be converted to arachidonic acid (AA, C20:4), a fatty acid associated with promoting inflammation. The lipid-peroxidizing enzyme cyclooxygenase (COX) is responsible for the conversion of DGLA to prostaglandin series 1 and 15-(S)- hydroxy-8,11,13-eicosatrienoic acid both of which have anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor properties.1 The conversion of DGLA to AA proceeds slowly due to the limited activity of the delta-5-desaturase enzyme; The subsequent accumulation of DGLA and its anti-inflammatory products attenuates AA metabolites such as prostaglandin series 2, 4-series leukotrienes and plateletactivating factor.2 Patients with atopic dermatitis have low DGLA levels in serum phospholipids and DGLA supplementation, rather than the more common gamma-linolenic acid, has been proposed as a treatment for this disease.3
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Additional Information

Property Value or Rating
Product Size 50 mg
Manufacturer Matreya, LLC
Empirical Formula C21H36O2
CAS# 21061-10-9
Formula Weight 320.5
Solvent none
Source semisynthetic, plant
Purity 99%
Analytical Methods TLC, GC
Natural Source Semi-synthetic|Plant
Melting Point n/a
Solubility chloroform, hexane, ethyl ether
Physical Appearance A neat liquid
Storage -20°C

1. S. Takai et al. “Anti-Atherosclerotic Effects of Dihymo-gamma-Linolenic Acid in ApoE-Deficient Mice” Journal of Atherosclerosis and Thrombosis, Vol. 16(4) pp. 1-10, 2009 
2. X. Wang et al. “Multiple roles of dihomo-gamma-linolenic acid against proliferation diseases” Lipids in Health and Disease, Vol. 11(25) pp. 1-9, 2012 
3. N. Teraoka et al. “Oral Supplementation with Dihomo-gamma-Linolenic Acid-Enriched Oil Altered Serum Fatty Acids in Healthy Men” Biosci, Biotechnol. Biochem., Vol. 73(6) pp. 1453-1455, 2009

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