FIM-FAME-7 Mixture, 30 mg/ml, 1ml methylene chlorideFIM-FAME-7 Mixture, 30 mg/ml, 1ml methylene chloride
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FIM-FAME-7 Mixture, 30 mg/ml, 1ml methylene chloride

FIM-FAME-7 Mixture (Methyl ester mixture)

This fatty acid methyl ester mixture contains 37 fatty acids for the identification and quantification of unknowns.1 It is prepared from high purity stock material and contains saturated and unsaturated fatty acids. This mixture is very useful for bacterial identification,2 triglyceride determination and the analysis of various plant and animal lipids.3 Understanding the role of fatty acids and fatty acid metabolism in plants and animals is important in drug development. Composition: Contains the methyl esters of these fatty acids:,C4:0, 4.0%,C6:0, 4.0%,C8:0, 4.0%,C10:0, 4.0%,C11:0, 2.0%,C12:0, 4.0%,C13:0, 2.0%,C14:0, 4.0%,C14:1(cis-9), 2.0%,C15:0, 2.0%,C15:1(cis-10), 2.0%,C16:0, 6.0%,C16:1(cis-9), 2.0%,C17:0, 2.0%,C17:1(cis-10), 2.0%,C18:0, 4.0%,C18:1(trans-9), 2.0%,C18:1(cis-9), 4.0%,C18:2(all-trans-9,12), 2.0%,C18:2(all-cis-9,12), 2.0%,C20:0, 4.0%,C18:3(all-cis 6,9,12), 2.0%,C20:1(cis-11), 2.0%,C18:3(all-cis 9,12,15), 2.0%,C21:0, 2.0%,C20:2(all-cis 11,14,), 2.0%,C22:0, 4.0%,C20:3 (all-cis 8,11,14, 2.0%,C22:1(cis 13), 2.0%,C20:3(all-cis 11,14,17), 2.0%,C20:4(all-cis 5,8,11,14), 2.0%,C23:0, 2.0%,C22:2(all-cis 13,16), 2.0%,C24:0, 4.0%,C20:5(all-cis 5,8,11,14,17), 2.0%,C24:1(cis-15), 2.0%,C22:6(all-cis 4,7,10,13,16,19), 2.0%,listed in order of their elution.
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2010 30 mg/ml, 1ml £130.05

Additional Information

Property Value or Rating
Product Size 30 mg/ml, 1ml
Manufacturer Matreya, LLC
Formula Weight 0
Solvent methylene chloride
Source synthetic or plant
Purity mixture
Analytical Methods GC
Natural Source Plant|Synthetic
Solubility methylene chloride
Physical Appearance A 30 mg/ml mixture in methylene chloride
Storage -20°C

1. T. Murata “Analysis of fatty acid methyl esters by a gas-liquid chromatography-chemical ionization mass spectrometry computer system” Journal of Lipid Research, Vol. 19:166, 1978 
2. N. Rozès et al. “A rapid method for the determination of bacterial fatty acid composition” Applied Microbiology, Vol. 3:17 pp.126, 1993 
3. D. Welch “Applications of cellular fatty acid analysis” Clinical Microbiology Reviews, Vol. 4:4 pp. 422, 1991

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