Alditol Acetate Mixture-1/ml, 1 ml in chloroformAlditol Acetate Mixture-1/ml, 1 ml in chloroform
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Alditol Acetate Mixture-1/ml, 1 ml in chloroform

Quantitative carbohydrate mixture

This alditol acetate mixture contains four pentaacetate alditols for the qualitative identification and quantitation of unknowns. This mixture is ideal as a standard for the analysis of polysaccharides, especially for plant cell wall polysaccharides. All materials are analyzed to verify their identity and to determine their purity. All analytes are 98+% pure. This standard is accurately prepared by gravimetric technique (+/- 0.5%) and all glassware is class A rated. Ampules are purged with nitrogen/argon before and after filling and chilled before being flame sealed. Store ampules sealed as received and process without delay immediately after opening the ampule. Composition: Quantitative mixture,rhamnitol, fucitol, ribitol and arabinitol pentaacetates, 12.5 mg/ml each
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1124 50 mg/ml, 1ml £226.35

Additional Information

Property Value or Rating
Product Size 50 mg/ml, 1ml
Manufacturer Matreya, LLC
Formula Weight 0
Solvent chloroform
Source synthetic
Purity mixture
Analytical Methods GC
Natural Source Synthetic
Solubility chloroform
Physical Appearance A 50 mg/ml mixture in chloroform
Storage -20°C

1. N. Brunton, T. Gormley, B. Murray “Use of the alditol acetate derivatisation for the analysis of reducing sugars in potato tubers” Food Chemistry, Vol. 104(1) pp. 398-402, 2007 
2. G. Sassaki et al. “Rapid synthesis of partially O-methylated alditol acetate standards for GC–MS: some relative activities of hydroxyl groups of methyl glycopyranosides on Purdie methylation” Carbohydrate Research, Vol. 340(4) pp. 731-739, 2005

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