14-Methylhexadecanoic acid14-Methylhexadecanoic acid
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14-Methylhexadecanoic acid

anteiso-Heptadecanoic acid; anteiso C17 Fatty acid

This high purity anteiso-heptadecanoic acid is ideal for use as a standard 1 and in biological studies. Many types of bacteria and marine organisms produce anteiso-fatty acids which can be used for their characterization.2 Some bacteria have iso- but not anteiso-fatty acids while others have anteiso- but not iso-fatty acids. anteiso-Fatty acids are also found in ruminant animals (from the rumen microorganisms) and in ruminant milk mainly from the food chain but also due to some de novo synthesis. Branched chain fatty acids have been found in the gut of newborn animals where they have a role in the microorganism gut colonization.3 Some bacteria handle stress (such as heat and toxicity) by changing the ratio of anteiso/isofatty acids in the cell membrane. Although anteiso-fatty acids are not usually found in plant oils the waxy surface of leaves can contain significant amounts of these fatty acids. Branched chain fatty acids are critical for the regulation of fluidity in membranes and in membrane transport for many types of bacteria due to their having a significantly lower transition temperature than straight chain fatty acids. This anteiso-14-methylhexadecanoic acid has been found in pine seed oil, a major exception to branched chain fatty acids which are found almost exclusively in animals and microorganisms.4
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Additional Information

Property Value or Rating
Product Size 20 mg
Manufacturer Matreya, LLC
Empirical Formula C17H34O2
CAS# 5918-29-6
Formula Weight 270.5
Solvent none
Source synthetic
Purity 98+%
Analytical Methods GC
Natural Source Synthetic
Solubility chloroform, ethyl ether, ethanol
Physical Appearance A neat solid
Storage -20°C

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