Folding Skirt Stoppers, Rubber, 10.2mmFolding Skirt Stoppers, Rubber, 10.2mm
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Folding Skirt Stoppers, Rubber, 10.2mm Folding Skirt Stoppers, Rubber, 10.2mm

Folding Skirt Stoppers, Rubber, 10.2mm

Maximum diameter : 10.2mm

Two-part folding skirt stoppers are designed with a double seal to keep container contents secure. The lower section grips the outside of the container and the upper hollow plug features annular serrations to provide a tight seal at the rim. The stoppers are ideal for securing glass, metal and plastic containers. Upper hollow plug section can be perforated to extract contents without removing the stopper and remains watertight even after several perforations.

  • Ideal for chemical transfer
  • Provide a leak-proof seal 
  • Temperature resistant from -4ºF (-20ºC) to 212ºF (100ºC)

Natural rubber folding skirt stoppers provide a double leak-proof seal on containers regardless of rim style. These stoppers can be perforated and remain water-tight even after several perforations. Recommended for chemical transfer. Temperature use ranges from -4ºF (-20ºC) to 212ºF (100ºC).

Cat# Size Price Qty Buy
407010-50 50PC £19.23

Additional Information

Property Value or Rating
Manufacturer Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics
Product Size 50PC
Manufacturer Cat# DX407010-50
Style White
Thickness 10.2mm

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