MSCFluor-96 Complete, LS, CB, HumanMSCFluor-96 Complete, LS, CB, Human
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MSCFluor-96 Complete, LS, CB, Human

Similar to MSCFluor-96 Research but including a vial of cryopreserved MSCs from either cord blood or human bone marrow
Cat# Size Price Qty Buy
KMCF-LS-CB1 1 x 96-well plate £803.50

Additional Information

Property Value or Rating
Product Type MSCFluor-96 Complete
Assay Format 96-well plate. 0.1mL/well assay
Reagent Formulation MSCGro Low Serum Medium
Assay Readout Fluorescence
Cell Types Umbilical cord blood-derived mesenchymal stem cells
Species Human
No. of Samples Max. 24 samples/plate or user defined
Growth Factor Specific to MSCGro medium
Product Size 1 x 96-well plate
Manufacturer Preferred Cell Systems

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