EnzyFluoTM Myeloperoxidase Assay Kit EnzyFluoTM Myeloperoxidase Assay Kit
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EnzyFluoTM Myeloperoxidase Assay Kit

MPO peroxidation activity determination in biological samples (e.g. cell lysates, tissues, etc.)

• Fast and sensitive. Linear detection range (20 µL sample): 0.0025 to 2 U/L for 10 min reaction at 25°C. 

• Convenient and high-throughput. Homogeneous "mix-incubate-measure" type assay. Can be readily automated on HTS liquid handling systems for processing thousands of samples per day.

MYELOPEROXIDASE (MPO; EC is a peroxidase enzyme and can be found in neutrophil, monocytes, and some soft tissue macrophages. MPO has an ability to use chloride as a cosubstrate with hydrogen peroxide to generate hypochlorous acid, a powerful antimicrobial agent produced by neutrophils. However, an excessive production of hypochlorous acid can lead to oxidative stress and tissues damage. Inflammation may also result when MPO oxidizes various substances such as phenols and anilines. Studies show that increased MPO levels may increase the risk of myocardial infarction and cardiovascular disease. BioAssay Systems' EnzyFluoTM myeloperoxidase (MPO) assay kit is based on the MPO enzyme reaction with hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) which oxidizes the dye reagent to a highly fluorescent product. The fluorescence intensity of this product, measured at &labda;ex/em = 530/585 nm, is proportional to the total peroxidation activity in the sample. The provided MPO inhibitor is used to suppress peroxidase activity due to MPO in order to differentiate other peroxidase activities that may be present in the samples.

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EMPO-100 100 Tests £318.15

Additional Information

Property Value or Rating
Product Size 100 Tests
Manufacturer BioAssay Systems
Applications MPO peroxidation activity determination in biological samples (e.g. cell lysates, tissues, etc.)
Method FL530/585nm
Samples Cell lysates, tissues, etc
Species All
Detection Limit 0.0025 U/L
Storage -20 °C
Shelf Life 6 months

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