ColonyGro™, SC-GEM3 / CFC-GEM3, HumanColonyGro™, SC-GEM3 / CFC-GEM3, Human
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ColonyGro™, SC-GEM3 / CFC-GEM3, Human

Traditional methylcellulose, quality-controlled colony-forming cell/unit (CFC/CFU) media for different cell populations and different species. ColonyGro is equivalent to all other methylcellulose supplier media. ColonyGro allows up to 44 samples/100mL bottle compare to 33 from other suppliers
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CG-GEM3-100H 100ml bottle £314.38

Additional Information

Property Value or Rating
Product Type ColonyGro
Assay Format 1mL, 35mm Petri dish
Reagent Formulation Low serum
Assay Readout Manual colony enumeration
Cell Types CFC-GEM3: Mature hematopoietic stem cell, no megakaryopoiesis (MethoCult H4034 "Optimal")
Species Human
No. of Samples 44 in duplicate
Growth Factor EPO, GM-CSF, G-CSF, IL-3, SCF
Product Size 100ml bottle
Manufacturer Preferred Cell Systems

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