Sphingomyelin, (egg, chicken)Sphingomyelin, (egg, chicken)
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Sphingomyelin, (egg, chicken)

SPM; Ceramide-1-phosphorylcholine

Sphingomyelin is found in mammalian cell membranes, especially in the membranes of the myelin sheath. It is the most abundant sphingolipid in mammals and is thought to be found mostly in the exoplasmic leaflet of the membrane although there is also evidence of a sphingomyelin pool in the inner leaflet of the membrane. It is involved in signal transduction and apoptosis.1 An improper ratio of sphingomyelin to ceramide has been shown to be a factor in Niemann-Pick disease2 and neonatal respiratory distress syndrome.3 However, the ratio of sphingomyelin to ceramide is different for different cell types.4 Sphingomyelin is an important amphiphilic component when plasma lipoprotein pools expand in response to large lipid loads or metabolic abnormalities.5
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Additional Information

Property Value or Rating
Product Size 25 mg
Manufacturer Matreya, LLC
Empirical Formula C39H79N2O6P (palmitoyl)
Formula Weight 703
Solvent none
Source chicken, egg
Purity 98+%
Analytical Methods TLC, identity confirmed by MS
Natural Source Animal/Chicken|Animal/Egg
Solubility chloroform, methanol, warm ethanol
Physical Appearance A neat solid
Storage -20°C

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