RalA G-LISA Activation Assay KitRalA G-LISA Activation Assay Kit
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RalA G-LISA Activation Assay Kit

The proprietary RalA G-LISA™ Activation Assaythat is faster, easier and more precise than traditional pull-down methods to measure RalA Activation.

  • Specific for RalA
  • Colorimetric Based
  • Fast Results
  • Linear from 0.5 to 5 ng
  • Flexible format

General Information

The RalA G-LISA™ kit contains a Ral-GTP-binding protein linked to the wells of a 96 well plate. Active GTP-bound Ral is captured by this protein while inactive GDP-bound Ral is removed following washes. The active RalA bound to the wells is detected with a RalA specific antibody. The degree of RalA activation is determined by comparing readings from activated cell lysates versus non-activated cell lysates.

Kit Contents - Enough reagents for 96 assays.

  • 96 individual Ral-GTP binding wells
  • Anti-RalA monoclonal antibody
  • Secondary Antibody - HRP
  • RalA control protein
  • Ral Binding Buffer
  • Cell Lysis Buffer
  • Wash buffer
  • Antigen Presenting Buffer
  • Antibody Dilution Buffer
  • HRP Detection and Stop Reagents
  • Precision Red™Advanced Protein Assay (Cat. # ADV02)
  • Protease Inhibitor Cocktail (Cat. # PIC02)
Cat# Size Price Qty Buy
BK129 96 assays £678.60

Additional Information

Property Value or Rating
Product Size 96 assays
Manufacturer Cytoskeleton, Inc
Storage 4°C

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