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PUFA-3 Mixture (qualitative)

This polyunsaturated fatty acid mixture contains 18 naturally occurring omega fatty acids and 3 saturated fatty acids. They are all methyl esters for the qualitative identification of unknowns. The product is a naturally occurring mixture from Menhaden fish oil and is an excellent standard for identifying unknown omega fatty acids in samples.1 Research has shown a reduction in some cancers with the use of fish oils2 but it can cause bacterial complications.3 Because it is extracted from natural materials, relative peak sizes for the mix may vary from lot to lot. This is a qualitative mixture and should not be used for quantitative purposes. Composition: qualitative mixture,C14:0,C16:0,C16:1ω7,C16:2ω4,C16:3ω4,C16:4ω1,C18:0,C18:1ω9,C18:1ω7,C18:2ω6,C18:2ω4,C18:3ω4,C18:3ω3,C18:4ω3,C20:1ω9,C20:4ω6,C20:4ω3,C20:5ω3,C21:5ω3,C22:5ω3,C22:6ω3
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1177 100 mg £147.90

Additional Information

Property Value or Rating
Product Size 100 mg
Manufacturer Matreya, LLC
Formula Weight 0
Solvent none
Source natural
Purity mixture
Analytical Methods GC
Natural Source Animal/Menhaden oil
Solubility alcohols, hexane, chloroform
Physical Appearance A neat liquid mixture
Storage -20°C

1. Thomas C. Y. Hsleh, Stephen S. Williams, Warinda Vejaphan and Samuel P. Meyers “Characterization of volatile components of menhaden fish (Brevoortia tyrannus) oil” Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society, Jan. Vol. 66:1 pp. 114-117, 1989 
2. Yu Shao, Lani Pardini and Ronald S. Pardini “Dietary Menhaden Oil Enhances Mitomycin C Antitumor Activity Toward Human Mammary Carcinoma MX-1” Lipds, Nov. Vol. 30:11 pp. 1035, 1995 
3. K. L. Fritsche, L. M. Shahbazian, C. Feng and J. N. Berg “Dietary fish oil reduces survival and impairs bacterial clearance in C3H/Hen mice challenged with Listeria monocytogenes” Clinical Science, 92(95-101), 1997

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