Bovine Serum Albumins

Serum albumin is a globular protein which comprises about 50 - 60 % of all serum proteins. It serves as protein reserve and plays an important role in osmoregulation. Furthermore, it functions as carrier and binding protein in the blood circulation system for fatty acids, growth factors, hormones, metabolites, vitamins etc. Compared with other proteins, serum albumin is characterized by the following features:

  • High solubility in salt-free water
  • High stability against heat (especially in the presence of stabilizers such as Na-caprylate) and other denaturing agents
  • Compatibility with other proteins

These properties and the relatively simple way to isolate it in large quantities are the reason why there are so many fields of application for albumin.
Using different isolation and purification methods, allows to manufacture albumins with different properties, e.g. protease-free, fatty acid-free, low in endotoxins or heavy metals.

16 Product(s)
  1. Albumin bovine (47330)

    Starting at: £42.24

    cell culture grade
  2. Albumin bovine (11920)

    Starting at: £32.74

    cryst. lyophil.
  3. Albumin bovine Fraction V (11924)

    Starting at: £23.23

    receptor grade lyophil.
  4. Albumin bovine Fraction V, pH 5.2 (11922)

    Starting at: £65.47

    standard grade, lyophil.
  5. Albumin bovine Fraction V, pH 7.0 (11930)

    Starting at: £24.29

    standard grade, lyophil.
  6. Albumin bovine Fraction V, pH 7.0 (11946)

    Starting at: £85.54

    Life Science grade, lyophil.
  7. Albumin bovine Fraction V, pH 7.0 (11934)

    Starting at: £59.14

    microbiological grade, lyophil.
  8. Albumin bovine Fraction V, Protease and Fatty Acid free (11945)

    Starting at: £30.62

    diagnostic grade lyophil.
  9. Albumin bovine, Low Endotoxin (47321)

    Starting at: £57.02

    biotechnology grade