Human Serum Amyloid A (SAA) AssayMax™ ELISA Kit (WHO Standard Calibrated Positive and Low Controls Included)

This assay employs a quantitative enzyme immunoassay technique that measures the specified antigen in samples.
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EA8001-7 96 Well Plate £365.63

Additional Information

Property Value or Rating
Manufacturer Assaypro, LLC.
Product Type AssayMax™ ELISA Kits
Samples Plasma, Cell
Species Human
Assay Format Sandwich ELISA
Product Size 96 Well Plate
Range 0.031 - 2 ug/ml, 0.03 - 1.92 mIU/ml
Storage Refer to component labels for details
Entrez Gene 6288, 6289
Omim 104750, 104751
UniProt P0DJI8, P0DJI9
UniGene Hs.632144; Hs.731376; Hs.734161
Alternate Names Serum Amyloid A, SAA, Serum Amyloid A-1 Protein, Amyloid Protein A, Amyloid Fibril Protein AA

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