Human Complement C8 AssayMax™ ELISA Kit  Human Complement C8 AssayMax™ ELISA Kit
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Human Complement C8 AssayMax™ ELISA Kit

This assay employs a quantitative enzyme immunoassay technique that measures the specified antigen in samples.
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EC8101-1 96 Well Plate £292.50

Additional Information

Property Value or Rating
Manufacturer Assaypro, LLC.
Product Type AssayMax™ ELISA Kits
Samples Plasma, Saliva, Milk, Cell, CSF
Species Human
Assay Format Sandwich ELISA
Product Size 96 Well Plate
Range 0.625 - 40 ng/ml
Storage Refer to component labels for details
Entrez Gene 731, 732,733
Omim 120950, 120960, 120930, 613790, 613789
UniProt P07357, P07358, P07360
UniGene Hs.93210, Hs.391835, Hs.1285
Alternate Names Complement Component 8, Complement Component VIII, C8, CVIII,C8A, Complement Component 8 Subunit Alpha, Complement Component C8 Alpha Chain

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