Transfer Buffers

Depending on the type of blotting (tank or semi-dry blotting) and the specific characteristics of the proteins, different buffers may be used for Western Blotting. For small proteins or for tank blotting after SDS PAGE Towbin buffer is recommended. A fast and easy to use alternative for optimal semi-dry blotting is SERVA’s Xpress Blotting Kit. The buffer system enables in combination with the newly developed alternative for blotting paper, the Blotting Fleece, an efficient simultaneous transfer of high and low molecular weight proteins in only 15 minutes. SERVA's ready-to-use transfer buffers save you time and labor and guarantee best results.
19 Product(s)
  1. Aminocaproic acid (12548.03)

    Product Size: 100G
    analytical grade
  2. Citric acid-Na3-salt-2H2O (38642.02)

    Product Size: 1KG
    analytical grade, Ph. Eur.
  3. Ethanol denaturated 96 % (11096)

    Starting at: £76.40

  4. Ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid Na2-salt (39760.01)

    Product Size: 250G
    molecular biology grade
  5. Glycine (23391)

    Starting at: £31.68

    electrophoresis grade
  6. Glycine (23390)

    Starting at: £20.06

    analytical grade, Ph. Eur., USP
  7. Methanol (45631)

    Starting at: £71.12

    analytical grade
  8. Methanol for HPLC (45630.01)

    Product Size: 2.5L
  9. Semi-dry Blotting Buffer Kit (42559.01)

    Product Size: 3x500ML
    (for Western Blotting)
  10. Sodium chloride (39781)

    Starting at: £21.12

    molecular biology grade
  11. Sodium hydrogen phosphate-2H2O (39783.02)

    Product Size: 1KG
    molecular biology grade
  12. SSC Buffer (42555)

    Starting at: £32.74

    molecular biology grade
  13. Towbin Buffer 10X (42558.02)

    Product Size: 1L
    for Western Blotting
  14. Tris(hydroxymethyl)aminomethane (37181)

    Starting at: £38.02

    electrophoresis grade
  15. Tris(hydroxymethyl)aminomethane (37180)

    Starting at: £19.01

    analytical grade, USP
  16. Xpress Blotting Buffer (10x) (42661.01)

    Product Size: 1L
  17. Xpress Blotting Kit (42662.01)

    Product Size: 1KIT
    for Western Blotting
  18. Xpress NC Blotting Kit (42663.01)

    Product Size: 1KIT
    for Western Blotting
  19. Xpress PVDF Blotting Kit (42664.01)

    Product Size: 1KIT
    for Western Blotting