Stable Isotope Labelling of Proteins

For quantitative and qualitative analysis of proteins in proteome studies by mass spectrometry. The ICPL™ methodology is based on the isotope labelling of free amino groups of intact proteins by amine specific reagents. Therefore the method is suited for all kinds of protein samples, including extracts of tissue or body fluids, and compatible with all separation methods currently employed in proteome studies. The kit allows efficient, accurate and reproducible quantification of proteins with high sequence coverage.
4 Product(s)
  1. SERVA ICPL (TM) Quadruplex Kit (39232.01)

    Product Size: 1KIT
  2. SERVA ICPL (TM) Quadruplex Plus Kit (39233.01)

    Product Size: 1Kit
  3. SERVA ICPL(TM) KIT (39230.01)

    Product Size: 1KIT
  4. SERVA ICPL(TM) Triplex Kit (39231.01)

    Product Size: 1KIT