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BethylAntibodies and Assays for Cell Biology, Cancer and Veterinary Research

Bethyl Laboratories, Inc. has been dedicated to supporting scientific discovery through its qualified antibody products and custom antibody services since its founding in 1972. Every antibody that Bethyl sells has been manufactured and validated to exacting standards at its sole location in Texas.

Currently, Bethyl’s portfolio consists of over 7,150 catalog products; offering close to 5,700 primary antibodies targeting over 2,700 proteins and 1,450 secondary antibodies raised against immunoglobulins from over 25 species.

Bethyl antibodies are focused on Cell Biology, Cancer and Neuroscience Research and are now available in low-cost Trial sizes to provide an opportunity to test the quality of their products.

Bethyl also offer an extensive range of Human and Veterinary ELISA Kits and Sets to 25 different immunoglobulins and milk/serum proteins.

Bethyl guarantees that its products will work under the same conditions stated on the product datasheet. It will offer a full product replacement, credit or refund if technical support is unable optimize conditions.


Primary AntibodiesRabbit anti-MCM IHC Antibody

Bethyl offers approximately 5,700 primary antibodies targeting over 2,700 proteins for Cell Biology/Cancer and Neuroscience applications. Every antibody is made and validated in its sole location in Texas, USA. The antibodies are tested across a range of applications and many are now available in a very popular Low cost Trial Size (£33.04) 



Donkey anti-Mouse IgG(H+L)Antibody, DyLight®594 ConjugatedSecondary Antibodies

Bethyl offer 1450 secondary antibodies raised against immunoglobulins from over 25 species. The secondary antibodies have been antigen affinity-purified and are available in a variety of formats: whole IgG, F(ab’)2 fragment and Fab fragment. They also provide secondary antibodies that have been highly cross-adsorbed (highly x-Adsorbed) to reduce cross-reactivity, including all of the F(ab’)2 fragment antibodies.



ELISA Kits and ReagentsELISA Starter Accessory Kit

Bethyl offers ELISAs to 25 different milk and serum proteins across 10 species for human and veterinary research. The assays are available in two formats – a kit or set.

ELISA Kits - Kits include all necessary components.
ELISA Sets - Offer an economic alternative where each set contains reagents sufficient for 1000 single well assays. Sets do not include plates, buffers or substrate which can be provided by the customer.



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