Actin Antibodies

Actin Products From Cytoskeleton, Inc

At Universal Biologicals, we are a proud stockist of the most significant quality life science research products, including our large range of actin antibodies. We have selected our range of actin antibodies from Cytoskeleton, Inc, a team of scientists with many years of experience working in their specialist areas.

Since Cytoskeleton was founded in 1993, they have developed a reputation for providing quality products at a competitive price. Leading to a feature in an extensive range of scientific publications. This is why Cytoskeleton is our first choice of manufacturer for our range of actin antibodies.

Actin Antibodies & Conjugates

Our large selection of life science research products by Cytoskeleton feature actin antibodies such as mouse monoclonal antibodies, mouse monoclonal antibody agarose conjugates, HRP conjugates and rabbit polyAb.

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