Anti-Ganglioside GD3, (mouse)Anti-Ganglioside GD3, (mouse)
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Anti-Ganglioside GD3, (mouse)

R-24 Antibody; Monoclonal,isotype IgG/IgM

Anti-Ganglioside-GD3 (anti-GD3) is very useful in the identification of GD3 and in immunotargeting cells expressing GD3. GD3 is predominantly expressed during neuronal development and its expression becomes very limited in adult tissues. GD3 expression is unusually high in basal cell carcinomas and malignant melanomas and is thought to be a human melanomaspecific antigen.3 Although GD3 is not immunogenic it has been investigated as a tool for immunotargeting human melanoma cells with anti-GD3.4 Over expression of GD3 has led to apoptosis by recruiting mitochondria to apoptotic pathways and suppressing NF-B activation and subsequent B-dependent gene induction. Increased levels of GD3 have also been found to be associated with proliferative diseases, such as atherosclerosis.
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Additional Information

Property Value or Rating
Product Size 50 ul
Manufacturer Matreya, LLC
Formula Weight 0
Source mouse
Purity supernatant. not purified
Analytical Methods TLC Immunoblotting; ELISA
Solubility water
Physical Appearance Purified ganglioside GD3
Storage -20°C

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