Anti-actin antibody (rabbit polyAb) + controlAnti-actin antibody (rabbit polyAb) + control
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Anti-actin antibody (rabbit polyAb) + control

This antibody is recommended for detection of actin in human, mouse, rat, xenopus, and bovine extracts. Rabbit polyclonal antibody against actin protein. Actin is the major protein of the microfilament cytoskeletal system and is a key protein in various cell motility processes. The immunogen used for antibody production was a peptide consisting of the 11 C-terminal amino acids of actin. Human platelet extract (Cat. # EXT01) is included as a positive control for Western blot analysis. A characteristic actin band at 43 kDa is identified on Western blots. Antiactin antibody is supplied as a lyophilized white powder.

Cat# Size Price Qty Buy
AAN01-A 1 x 100 µg
AAN01-B 3 x 100 µg

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Manufacturer Cytoskeleton, Inc
Storage 4°C

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