2D HPE(TM) Large Gel NF 12.5% Kit contains 4 gels (43857) and buffer kit (43312)

Kit comprising 4 plastic-backed gels, including running and equilibration buffers, FS wicks and cooling contact fluid. Suitable for running 1 x 24 cm IPG strip plus one marker lane by horizontal electrophoresis on HPE™ BlueTower, HPE™ BlueHorizon or Multiphor II™. Gels are on NF backing providing best results for fluorescent staining and labelling. Also suitable for silver and Coomassie® staining but for best results use gels on standard backing.
Cat# Size Price Qty Buy
43304.01 1KIT £312.48

Additional Information

Property Value or Rating
Manufacturer Cat# 43304
Product Size 1KIT
Manufacturer SERVA Electrophoresis GmbH
Storage +2 °C TO +8 °C

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