2-Hydroxytricosanoic acid2-Hydroxytricosanoic acid
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2-Hydroxytricosanoic acid

2-Hydroxy C23:0 fatty acid

2-Hydroxy very long chain fatty acids are abundant in nervous tissues and are components of cerebrosides and sulfatides, which are mostly found in the myelin of nervous tissues. This alpha-hydroxy fatty acid contains an odd number of carbons and is much less prevalent than many other even-chain hydroxy fatty acids. It is therefore often useful as a standard or biomarker. 2-Hydroxytricosanoic acid has been reported in the marine sponge Amphimedon compressa.1 2-Hydroxy fatty acids are common in cosmetics and skin creams and lotions. 2- Hydroxy fatty acids are formed by the oxidation of saturated fatty acids by the enzyme fatty acid 2-hydroxylase. This enzyme is also responsible for the formation of 2-hydroxy galactolipids in the peripheral nervous system.2 alpha-Oxidation of 2-hydroxy fatty acids to CO2 and fatty acid occurs in the peroxisome and is unique from the alpha-oxidation of beta-carbon branched fatty acids such as phytanic acid. Cells from Zellweger syndrome and peroxisome-deficient cells are unable to undergo alpha-oxidation although patients with other peroxisomal disorders such as X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy, Refsum disease, and rhizomelic chondrodysplasia punctata are able.3 2-Hydroxy fatty acids are undergoing much research and various methods of analysis are being investigated.4
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Additional Information

Property Value or Rating
Product Size 10 mg
Manufacturer Matreya, LLC
Empirical Formula C23H46O3
CAS# 2718-37-8
Formula Weight 370.6
Solvent none
Source synthetic
Purity 98+%
Analytical Methods TLC, GC
Natural Source Synthetic
Melting Point 98-99°C
Solubility chloroform/methanol,5:1
Physical Appearance A neat solid
Storage -20°C

1. N. Carballeira and M. Lopez “On the isolation of 2-hydroxydocosanoic and 2-hydroxytricosanoic acids from the marine sponge Amphimedon compressa” Lipids, vol. 24 pp. 89-91, 1989 
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