11-Hexadecenoic acid, (92% cis, 8% trans)11-Hexadecenoic acid, (92% cis, 8% trans)
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11-Hexadecenoic acid, (92% cis, 8% trans)

C16:1 (cis-11) Fatty acid

This high purity monounsaturated fatty acid is ideal as a standard and for use in biological systems. cis-11-hexadecenoic acid is found in some insects where it acts as a pheromone precursor.1 It is the main monoene fatty acid of some organisms, such as the myxobacteria Cytophaga hutchinsonii, where it is predominantly found acylated to phosphatidylethanolamine.2 cis-11- hexadecenoic acid is formed by the delta 11-desaturase enzyme from palmitic acid.3
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Additional Information

Property Value or Rating
Product Size 50 mg
Manufacturer Matreya, LLC
Empirical Formula C16H30O2
CAS# 2271-34-3
Formula Weight 254.4
Solvent none
Source synthetic
Purity >98%
Analytical Methods TLC; identity confirmed by MS
Natural Source Synthetic
Solubility hexane, chloroform, ethanol, methanol
Physical Appearance A neat liquid
Storage -20°C

1. H. Wang et al. “Biosynthesis of Unusual Moth Pheromone Components Involves Two Different Pathways in the Navel Orangeworm, Amyelois transitella” J Chem Ecol., vol. 36(5) pp. 535-547, 2010 
2. R. Walker “Cis-11-hexadecenoic acid from Cytophaga hutchinsonii lipids” Lipids, vol. 4(1) pp. 15-18, 1969 
3. M. Serra et al. “Biosynthesis of 10,12-dienoic fatty acids by a bifunctional 11desaturase in Spodoptera littoralis” Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, vol. 36(8) pp. 634-641, 2006

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